Create in-line custom events in funnel and event segmentation analyses

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This article will help you:

  • Combine multiple existing events into a custom event from within your event segmentation or funnel charts

Sometimes an analysis calls for combining multiple events, but you might not know which events you need. You can explore event combinations directly in the chart controls without needing to create and save a permanent custom event. Amplitude offers in-line OR logic to combine events for funnels and event segmentation charts.

NOTE: This feature is in closed beta. To gain access, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Follow these steps to add a custom event:

  1. Click  in the Events side control and select Combine events inline.

  1. Next, click Add event inline to add a custom event. Add any number of custom events.

NOTE: The in-line event that you create will only be relevant to that specific chart and will not be accessible anywhere else unless it is saved as a custom event. 

  1. If desired, hover on the event and clickto add event properties. Add as many filter properties as needed for each in-line event.

  1. Save the in-line events as a custom event to use it in other charts. Click and choose Save Custom Event


  1. Click to remove properties and in-line events, as needed.

Note that custom events cannot contain other custom events. Also, Show User Journeys, Explore Conversion Drivers and Show User Paths are not available via the Microscope for in-line event steps in funnels.