Amplitude Technical Support offerings

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Welcome to Amplitude! If you have any questions or technical issues while using Amplitude, here's how to get help. 

This article will cover the different support channels that Amplitude offers, and what kind of support to expect from each channel.

Amplitude Technical Support channels

Different Amplitude Technical Support channels are available depending on your plan type. Here's an overview of the channels we offer and availability based on plan type: 

Services Starter/ Scholarship Plus Growth Enterprise Premium Success


Developer Center

Help Center

Ticket/Email Support *
Live Chat        
Personalized Support        
Mission Critical Support        

*See Amplitude Support: The Scholarship/Starter plan for more information.

What to expect from each channel

Amplitude Technical Support is made up of two components: on-demand content for users to engage with at their convenience, and our award-winning Global Technical Support team. 

On-demand content

Amplitude offers a wide range of informative, up-to-date on-demand support content:.

  • Amplitude Academy is for educational resources like courses, webinars, or live training.
  • Amplitude Community is where you can ask questions, find answers, and engage with professionals in the analytics space.
  • Developer Center is for developer-centric guides on implementing Amplitude SDKs and its APIs.
  • Help Center is where you'll find articles on how to use charts and features, FAQs, and troubleshooting steps.

You can also subscribe to our status page for proactive updates on known Amplitude-wide issues.

Award-winning technical support

Premium, Enterprise, Growth, and Plus plans can engage with our team of technical experts across the entire suite of Amplitude products to help drive adoption. Our 97% customer satisfaction rating exceeds the industry benchmark.

There are two main channels for one-to-one support:

  • Ticket/Email: our main form of communication with all paid plan types
  • Live Chat: real-time support for customers on select plan types

Here's a quick overview of what the Amplitude Support team can help with:

  • Best practices on feature use
  • FAQs
  • Troubleshooting unexpected errors
  • Understanding help documentation
  • Escalating and managing bug reports

For questions regarding your plan, billing, or new features, please reach out to your Amplitude account team (CSM/AE/AM) or our Sales team.

If you have feature requests, please submit them through the in-product Digital Customer Success Center via the "Get Feedback" form.