Amplitude Technical Support: Ticket/Email Policy

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Welcome to Amplitude. This article will cover policies for receiving Amplitude Technical support via tickets and email.

Ticket / Email channel policies

Different support channels are available for different plan types

Services Starter/ Scholarship Plus Growth Enterprise Premium Success
Ticket support availability Only for critical bug issues or administrative tasks - see below 9-to-5 regional 9-to-5 regional 9-to-5 regional 24-hour support, Monday through Friday
Ticket support SLA - No committed SLA Two business day SLA for initial response time One business day SLA for initial response time One business day SLA for initial response time
Personalized support - - - - Regional team of designated Support agents
Mission-critical support availability Supported 9-to-5 regional 9-to-5 regional 9-to-5 regional Round-the-clock
Mission-critical support SLA - No committed SLA Two business day SLA for initial response time One business day SLA for initial response time Two-hour SLA for initial response time including weekend/holiday on-call coverage
Slack integration support - - - - Ability to create a Zendesk Support ticket through shared Amplitude Slack channel
Zoom meeting request - - Under Support's discretion Under Support's discretion Under Support's discretion

Ticket support

Ticket support offerings are bundled with Premium, Enterprise, Growth, and Plus plans. Hours of coverage are:

  • 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time (UTC-8)
  • 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, Singapore Standard Time (UTC+8)
  • 10am to 6pm ,Monday through Friday, Central European Time (UTC+1)

Premium inquiries are handled globally. Enterprise, Growth, and Plus tickets will be handled in the office corresponding to the location in which they are submitted.

For Scholarship and Starter users, please visit Amplitude Support: The Scholarship/Starter plan page for more information on our policy.

Ticket support SLA

Amplitude will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target initial response times.

Personalized support

Premium plans receive advanced support, including a dedicated regional team of senior support engineers who can better aid customers with complex environments and mission-critical needs. 

Mission-critical support availability and SLA

Premium plans receive round-the-clock support for urgent P0 issues, with an expedited two-hour SLA for initial response time, as well as weekend and holiday on-call coverage.

NOTE: This applies only to tickets tagged with the request type of "Bug Report - Critical" 

Slack integration support

New offering for Premium plans that will bridge customer Slack inquiries with our ticketing system. With this integration, Premium plans that has a shared Slack channel with Amplitude can connect with the Amplitude Technical Support team and their responses will appear directly back in the same Slack thread, meaning you do not have to navigate away from Slack to review support responses.

Zoom meeting requests

Amplitude Technical Support does not officially provide phone or video support. The team offers ticket and email support, as issues usually require research through logs and isn't efficient on a call. Additionally, while we would love to help customers through any avenue, we are a small (but mighty) team servicing all of our customers - we truly appreciate your understanding for limited acceptance of Zoom meeting requests. That said, we understand certain situations would benefit from a call, and would offer to schedule a one time meeting in those situations. 

Questions Support can help with

Here's a quick overview of what the Amplitude Technical Support team can help with:

  • Feature clarification
  • Conceptual
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Bug reports
  • Critical bug reports
  • Service tasks and administrative items

Support does not assist with: 

  • Third-party application integrations or third-party apps
  • Product training
  • Onboarding end-users to the product
  • Industry-specific advice or customer-specific advice
  • Interpreting data to make business decisions
  • Plan-related questions
  • Feature requests

Contact Amplitude Technical Support

If you need to contact Amplitude Technical Support, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Directly, through this link.
  2. Digital Customer Success Center if you are a paying customer. You will find a Support form within the Digital Customer Success Center, which you can access from the Amplitude Help icon in the bottom right corner of the product.

When submitting a ticket, please use the same email address you used to log into your Amplitude organization. 

Ticket priority definitions

Priority Definition

Major services are down globally, creating business-critical impact across multiple customers with no reasonable workaround available; includes login issues


Major services are significantly degraded and impacting significant aspects of business operations; a workaround may or may not be available


General product questions: how to use a feature, help understanding documentation, submit a feature request, low urgency bug reports, etc


Non-product related questions: Sales inquiries, Marketing questions, etc

NOTE: Ticket priority does not adjust response times. Ticket SLAs are based solely on plan type. Critical P0 issues will have proactive, more timely updates via

Ticket status definitions

Priority Definition

The Support Agent is working on the ticket


The Support Agent is waiting for the customer to reply; If no reply is received within 2 days a notification will be sent to alert the customer, If no reply is received within 3 days the ticket will be moved to a Solved status

Customers can reply to the ticket at any time to re-open it



The Support Agent is waiting for a third -party; This is typically used for bug tickets where further assistance from the Engineering Team is required


The ticket has been solved and will automatically close after 4 days of no reply; Customers can still reply to the ticket during those 4 days to re-open it before it is moved to a Closed status

The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) is sent 1 day after the ticket has been set to the Solved status



The ticket is completely resolved and cannot be edited or re-opened. Replying to a closed ticket will open a new ticket


Help with unsupported issues

Plan-related questions 

For questions regarding your plan, billing, or new features: 

  • Starter/Free: Please reach out to the Sales team.
  • Scholarship: Please reach out to the Sales team or the Scholarship team. 
  • Plus and Growth: Please reach out to your Account Executive.
  • Enterprise and Premium: Please reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Feature requests

Do you have feedback you would like to share about Amplitude or want to submit your use case as a feature request? You can submit your request using the options below:

Submit your request directly from Amplitude using the Digital Customer Success Center

Please submit feature requests through the in-product Digital Customer Success Center with the Give Feedback form.

 To access the form use the help button at the top right corner on the UI (question mark icon) > Select "Give Feedback" > Submit Feedback. This will send your feedback to the Product team directly! 

Please share as much information as possible about your use case and how you visualize the feature. Links are more than welcome! A detailed description would help our Product team understand the importance of the request better. 


What happens after I submit my feature request?

Although we would love to accommodate every customer ask, we receive thousands of product enhancement requests annually and unfortunately, we cannot deliver on them all.

However, our Product Development team reviews and revisits these requests on an ongoing basis to determine if the request is in alignment with our product vision and strategy. You can stay updated on product updates by following the Product Updates page on the Amplitude Community.

Thank you again for providing incredibly valuable feedback in helping our product grow!



The Amplitude Community is a great channel for discussions outside the bounds of the Amplitude Support offering.