Amplitude Technical Support: Administrative and service tasks

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There are certain administrative tasks that you may need help with from time to time, and that can only be accomplished with the assistance of the Amplitude Technical Support team.

General overview of service tasks

Here's an overview of the service tasks we offer for all plan types: 

  • Deleting your Amplitude organization (at your request)
  • Changing the name or URL of your Amplitude organization
  • Changing the domain on all your users' email addresses
  • SOC2 report or DPA report
  • Disabling location properties (IP address, DMA, City, etc) so they will not be attached to events ingested into Amplitude in the future
  • Keeping original user property values, which you may need if you want to keep the oldest user property values after a user merges profiles 
  • Rotate, change, or update the secret key of an Amplitude project
  • Undelete or restore a project
  • Organization name or URL retrieval, in case you've forgotten and cannot log in

Submit a task request

To file a request for a service task, or to ask any questions regarding the tasks listed above, please contact Amplitude Technical Support via the support form.