Change the unit of currency your project uses

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This article will help you:

  • Set the unit of currency used by your Amplitude project to your local currency, or any other that is appropriate

Displaying an accurate currency in your charts is often necessary to quickly grasp what your data is telling you. Amplitude Analytics displays the United States dollar ($) by default, but managers and admins can modify the unit of currency displayed for a particular project. 

NOTE: Changing the currency display does not modify nor convert the underlying data. 

Follow the below steps to modify your currency display for a project: 

  1. Click on Screenshot_2023-05-24_at_9.56.37_AM.png to go to Organization Settings.
  2. Click Projects to view a list of your projects.
  3. Click on the project that you'd like to modify the currency display for.
  4. Click on United States ($) in General to open the drop down for Currency Display.


  1. Click on the desired currency in the drop down list.


The currency display will now be updated and will be visible for all users. 

Once you've made this change, the currency will be updated in:

    • Revenue LTV charts
    • Revenue metrics in Event Segmentation charts
    • Revenue metrics in Data Tables charts
    • Any dashboard or notebook versions of the above

The below chart shows a modified display currency from United States ($) to UK (£):