Spaces: Keep your work organized

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This article will help you:

  • Organize your analyses in multiple spaces

Some of the most valuable analyses are the result of collaborations among teammates. Spaces help product teams subscribe to and organize analyses shared in Amplitude.

Every saved piece of content must live in a space. By default, content is saved into your personal workspace. You can also choose to move them into a shared space.

Content can only be saved to one location, but you can create shortcuts to that content in other spaces.

Feature availability

This feature is available to users on all Amplitude plans. See our pricing page for more details.


This feature is limited for users on Starter and Plus plans. See our pricing page for more details. 

    • Organizations on Starter plans are limited to one space
    • Organizations on Plus plans are limited to three spaces


Your personal space

By default, any content you create will be saved to your own personal space, which you can access by clicking on your name in the Favorite Spaces tab of the Spaces drop-down. Here you'll find all your charts, notebooks, dashboards, folders, and archives, unless you opt to save them into a different space.

Your personal workspace and the folders within it are not visible to other people in your organization. Team members can still search for any content you've designated as discoverable, via Amplitude’s search feature (assuming they have project permissions to view it), and you can still share links to content that are located inside your personal workspace.

Click on a piece of content to open and edit it. To move, rename, archive, or pin a piece of content, check the box next to the content's name and click the appropriate button in the toolbar at the top of the list.

Create a new folder

Folders are a convenient way to group related content together in a single, easily-viewable spot. To create a folder in a space, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your space and click New Folder.
  2. In the modal that appears, give your folder a name and click Create folder.
  3. Add content to your folder now, if you want. You can also do that later.

Create a space 

To create a space, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Create New > Space.
  2. Enter a name for your space, as well as a description, in the appropriate fields of the modal that appears. 
  3. In the Members field, select everyone who you want to join your new space. When you've finished, click Create space.

    NOTE: Users with admin, manager, and member-level permissions can create a space.

We recommend using naming conventions for your space that are recognizable throughout the organization, so that others can easily understand what the team space is all about.

A space can reuse a previously-used name for a new project, provided the previous project was deleted. 

There’s a lot more to effectively using spaces, so when you’re ready to explore further, check out this article in the Amplitude Help Center.

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