Mark a step in your funnel as optional

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This article will help you:

  • Add an optional step to your Funnel Analysis charts, and compare conversion rates between the two versions

At times you will need to define a conversion where some of the steps are optional. For example, a funnel has steps A, B, C, and D, where B is optional. If a user performs steps A, C, and D, they would still convert.

Click in the Events side control and select Optional step to make a step optional



When an event is marked optional, the side control will say *Optional and have a dotted line around it. 


The chart will then show two funnels - one with the step and one without the step. The conversion take-aways and breakdown table will also reflect these two scenarios.

There are some limitations to marking a step as optional:

  • It is available for Conversion and Conversion Over Time only.

  • Only one step can be optional at a time.

  • Only middle steps can be optional. First and last steps can never be optional.

  • Optional events cannot be reordered.

  • Events with a group-by cannot be optional.

  • Events comparing multiple events cannot be optional.

In-line custom events can also be created in Funnel and Event Segmentation charts. Read this article for more information.