Compare and manage your behavioral cohorts

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This article will help you:

  • Compare active cohorts in your analyses
  • Manage your cohorts with archiving, deleting, or transfering ownership
  • Learn how to sync, export, or refresh your cohorts 

Compare your cohorts

The Cohort Comparison feature automatically compares your new cohort to all active users for the last 30 days. You can then choose a pre-existing cohort to compare it with, look at the overlap between two cohorts, choose user properties for side-by-side composition, compare actives, retention, average events, and more.

In the Behavioral Cohorts tab, click the title of a cohort to open the comparison analysis. 

Manage your cohorts

You can mark cohorts you own as discoverable or unlisted. Discoverable cohorts can be found by any other user in your organization. Unlisted cohorts are only available to you, admins, managers, and people with a direct link to the cohort. Discoverable cohorts have a green globe icon while unlisted cohorts have a grayed-out toggle.

Archive a cohort

You can archive a cohort by clicking More —> Archive. If you accidentally archive the wrong cohort, click More to get the Unarchive option.

Delete a cohort

Only the owner of a cohort can archive and delete a cohort.

To delete a cohort, you will have to archive it first. Once you have archived the cohort, you must confirm the cohort is to be permanently deleted before Amplitude will remove it 

Transfer ownership of a cohort

You can transfer ownership of cohorts you own to others in your organization. Alternatively, you can also add additional owners of a cohort. Admins and managers can transfer ownership of other people's cohorts, as well as add additional owners to a cohort.