Amplitude Technical Support: In-product Help Widget

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This article will describe the features within the in-product Help widget aka Digital Customer Success Center and how users can leverage those features.

In-product Help widget

You will be able to find the in-product Help widget via the "?" icon in the top-right hand corner of the Amplitude Analytics UI. 

Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 4.18.26 PM.png

Available features

Different features in the in-product Help widget are available depending on your plan type. 

Features Starter/ Scholarship Plus Growth Enterprise Premium Success
Datamonster bot

Submit feature requests    

Search for help

Resources for you

Vote Amplitude integrations
Amplitude Status Page
Technical Support Request form  
Live chat        


For customers on the free plan, we're more than happy to help with any administrative or service tasks.

You can file the admin task request through the Support form on our Help Center. Select the Inquiry from Scholarship/Starter users form and then "Service Task" as the Request Type. Fill out the fields accordingly. When submitting a ticket, please use the email address that you use to log into Amplitude. 

Amplitude Datamonster Bot

Meet our Datamonster answer bot to help answer your product questions anywhere, anytime, and for anybody! Click on "Chat with us" and then "Get answers now with AI" to start your conversation.

Please note, if you have a bug report, please submit a ticket to our Support team using one of the official methods that is available to you.

Feature requests

There are two ways to submit feature requests through the in-product Digital Customer Success Center:

Through an option on 

  1. Under Chat with us -> Feature Request -> Give Feedback form         Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 11.27.06 AM.png.     Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 11.25.24 AM.png
  2. Scroll down to the Give Feedback form directly

Resources for you

The Amplitude Community is a great channel for discussions outside the bounds of the Amplitude Support offering. You can use this channel to engage with fellow Amplitude users and ask product questions that are not present in our existing documentation.

We also have a Cohort Slack where you can meet with fellow Amplitude users and learn how they use Amplitude, share tips and tricks, and even discuss general topics like AI and PLG.

Vote Amplitude Integrations

Vote and provide input on upcoming data integrations. Your feedback will directly impact our development priorities and improve our product for you!

Amplitude Status Page

Stay informed about real-time outages and scheduled maintenance. Here you'll find live and historical data on system performance. If there are any interruptions in service, a note will be posted here.

Live Chat 

Customers on the Premium Success plan can read more about how to use Live Chat here.

Technical Support Request Form

Customers on paid plans (Premium/Enterprise/Growth/Plus) have access to a shortened Technical Support request form