FAQ: Organization, Account, GDPR Deletion

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This article covers some frequently asked questions about the various types of deletions customers can request (e.g. Organization deletion, Account deletion, GDPR deletion).

How to delete my Amplitude organization? 

If you have an Amplitude organization that you would like to entirely delete from the Amplitude system, you can submit an organization deletion request to the Amplitude Technical Support team. 

To submit an organization deletion request please take the following steps:

1. Head to support.amplitude.com
2. Choose the form that matches to your plan type
3. After choosing the form, choose "Service Task" as the Request Type
4. Then choose "Org deletion" as the Service Task
5. Fill out the fields accordingly. Please double-check check you are inputting the correct organization ID!

Please note the following requirements for your request:

  • You must use an email address that exists on the Team Members page.
  • You must be an Admin of your organization in order to submit this request. If there are no Admins with your organization anymore, please state that in the "Why are you deleting your Amplitude organization" section. We will still continue to action your request provided that your email address exists in the Team Members page.
  • If you are a Growth or Enterprise customer who would like to delete your org, please reach out to your CSM and Account Manager first regarding your contract.

The Amplitude Support team will action these organization deletion requests on the first Monday of each month (the following Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). All requests sent before 9 AM PT on the first Monday of each month will be included in the batch. After organization deletion requests are actioned, it takes up to 2 weeks for the organization to be fully deleted.

How to remove my own profile from an Amplitude organization? 

If you are no longer part of a company or an Amplitude organization, it is recommended to remove your individual user profile/email address from the Amplitude organization. 

Note, that only admins and managers can add or remove users. If you are not the Admin/Manager, please reach out to your appropriate leader to make the following changes. If you are currently the sole Admin, please make someone else an Admin so that person can remove you. 

To change user permissions in Amplitude, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to > Organization settings > Members & Groups. The Team Members page will open.
  2. Check the box next to the name of the user(s) you'd like to remove. You can select multiple users at once.
  3. To remove a user's account, click Remove. Doing so will remove the user from the organization and eliminate all access provisions.   
How to delete my own profile/email address from the Amplitude system - GDPR my own profile/email address?

If you are an Amplitude user and want your own profile/email address/data to be removed from Amplitude entirely, please reach out to privacy@amplitude.com for a GDPR request on your own account. 

If you also have an Amplitude organization you wish to delete, please see the How to delete my Amplitude organization? section above. 

How to GDPR end users in my Amplitude organization?

If you would like to delete end-user data from your projects, then you can action a GDPR request for that end-user by using the User Privacy API.

Amplitude is fully GDPR compliant. For more information about compliance, see Security and Privacy.

Amplitude maintains a user privacy API that allows you to service end-user data deletion requests. This API uses basic authentication, using the API key and secret key for your project. 

You can find more information about where to locate the keys for your project in the Amplitude Keys and Tokens Guide here.