Set up single sign-on (SSO) for Amplitude using Auth0

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Amplitude provides a single sign-on integration with Auth0 for customers on Scholarship, Growth, or Enterprise plans.

Before you begin

For some general information about SSO, see our Help Center article on SSO in Amplitude.

In order to set up SSO, you must be an org admin for your Amplitude organization. You must also have the permissions to configure Auth0 for your organization.

Set up SSO for Amplitude using Auth0

To configure SSO for Amplitude using Auth0, follow these steps:

  1. In Auth0, navigate to the Clients page.

  2. Click + Create Client to create a new client for Amplitude. Don't worry about specifying the client type; Amplitude will only be communicating with Auth0 via SAML.


  3. Navigate to the Addons tab and switch the SAML2 plugin toggle to "enabled."


  4. Enter the Application Callback URL in the appropriate field in the modal that appears. 


  5. You can find the entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL in the Amplitude SSO settings. Just open Amplitude and navigate to gear_icon_for_settings.png > Organizational settings > Access & SSO Settings.


  6. After entering the URL and saving the SAML2 settings, open the Usage tab and download the  identity provider certificate metadata file.

  7. Upload the metadata file in Amplitude, under gear_icon_for_settings.png > Organizational settings > Access & SSO Settings.


  8. Save your changes to enable SSO.