FAQ: Amplitude's Startup Scholarship plan

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This article covers some frequently asked questions about the Scholarship plan.

What is the Scholarship plan?

Amplitude has four main plan types: Enterprise, Growth, Plus, and Starter. More information on each plan type can be found here.

We also offer the Scholarship plan. This is a temporary plan type for startup customers in which you can get one year of the Amplitude Growth plan at no cost. To apply for the Scholarship plan, please visit this page. If you have any questions about your Scholarship application or Scholarship plan type, please email scholarship@amplitude.com

How do I apply for the Amplitude Startup Scholarship?

To apply for the Scholarship plan, please visit this page.

What are the criteria to qualify for the Amplitude Startup Scholarship?

To qualify, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • You’ve received less than $5 million in funding
  • You have fewer than 20 employees
What’s included in the Amplitude Startup Scholarship?

You’ll get 200,000 MTUs—more than enough data to get you to product-market fit. You also get full access to features on our paid Growth plan, including Behavioral Cohorts, Pathfinder, advanced collaboration features, and more.

Add-ons such as Insights, Govern Add-on, Accounts, Portfolio, Query and Scale are only available for paid plans and are not available with the Scholarship program

I haven't heard back regarding to my Scholarship application. When can I expect to hear back?

Please reach out to scholarship@amplitude.com if you have not heard back regarding to your application or approval.

Can I move the Scholarship plan type from one org to another?

Yes! Please reach out to scholarship@amplitude.com.

What happens if we go over the limit?

We’ll give you the option to decrease your MTU volume the following month or start a 30 day trial of the Growth plan to decide whether you’d like to upgrade for more event volume. If you go over the event limit more than twice, your account will be downgraded to the Free plan.

What happens after our one year Amplitude Startup Scholarship?

At the end of one year, you’ll have the option to either upgrade to the Growth plan or go back to the Free plan. The Free plan includes 10 million monthly events and our core analytics features. We’ll provide you with an extra 30 days to trial the Growth plan while you make your decision. A Sales representative should be reaching out to you around the 11th month for any questions you may have. If you want to proactively learn more about your plan options, please reach out to the Sales team at global-sdr@amplitude.com

We cannot grant extensions past one year for the Amplitude Startup Scholarship.

What if we want to go back to the Free plan?

If you choose to go back to the Free plan, the system will automatically change your plan type from Scholarship to Free once the extra 30 days are over. You will not get billed if you choose not to upgrade once the trial ends. You do not need to reach out to Amplitude to downgrade your plan.

Will we get onboarding resources to help us get started on Amplitude?

Yes, we’ll provide you with self-serve onboarding materials when your Amplitude Startup Scholarship starts. See Amplitude Support: The Scholarship/Starter plan for additional resources. 

What if I have other questions?

Email us at scholarship@amplitude.com and we’ll help you out!